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05 Eastercon 2012

Monday at the Eastercon where I am in a panel about virtual cons, we sing the praises of the con guidebook app and a whole bunch of

on the throne of swords

tweets seem to find their way into the podcast

05 Eastercon 2012


04 Eastercon Podcast 2012

Sunday at the Eastercon and we have a podcasting workshop. I interviewed Martin Easterbrook who is, together with Margaret Austin,Fan Guest of Honour here.  [audio]


Martin Easterbrook and I at the podcasting workshop

04 Eastercon 2012

03 Eastercon Podcast 2012

It’s Saturday at the convention. Carrie and I man the dealer table.

Children and sandwiches are tortured. There’s a panel in the fan room about fanzines (whowouldathunkit) and there’s lots of desperate fun


03 Eastercon Podcasts

02 Eastercon Podcast 2012

We’re back at the Radisson Edwardian and it’s the usual maze of twisty passages all alike.

This is day one

 of my Eastercon experience and it’s been one fraught with various difficulties but still, it’s great to be here again at SF fandoms grand weekend of play. Here is podcast number 2 but actually my arrival at the convention.

Enjoy the podcast:

02 Eastercon Podcast 2012

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01 Eastercon Podcast 2012

This is the first of my Eastercon podcasts for 2012. It’s a promo for the podcast workshop I’ll be running at the Radisson Edwardian in Heathrow on Sunday at 5pm.

01 Eastercon Podcasts 2012


Eastercon Fish

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